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What is a Gecko waterless wash?

Gecko Waterless Car Wash is a water-based product that contains premium soaps, surfactants and lubricating agents, plus a special polymer polish formula. Gecko Shine Waterless Car Wash Super Polymer can be used on all solid, smooth surfaces. It will wash, wax, polish and protect everything on the car everything except the tires.

The science behind the product: When sprayed onto the surface, the soaps and special lubricants in Gecko Shine will liquefy and dissolve dirt on contact. The damp, product soaked micro fibre towel will clean the surface and soak up the liquefied dirt. Micro fibre towels can soak up 9 times its weight in water.

These high quality towels pull the dirt away from the surface and protect it from scratching. The second micro fibre towel is used to buff off the remaining polymer residue and into a brilliant shine. There are no wax smearing on windows and no white residue on rubber trim.

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