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We are the premier leader in eco-friendly waterless fleet cleaning service in Singapore. Since our beginning in 2010, we are the pioneer in mobile waterless car wash technology and have been promoting the alternative way in vehicle grooming and washing ever since. We constantly adopt new approach to eliminate water wastage and at the forefront of using nanotechnology in our car care products range.

Who are we?

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A waterless car wash is an eco-friendly and efficient car wash that uses little or no water. We utilize waterless solutions to clean your vehicle. By having waterless car wash, we would not only be saving the environment, it also guarantees to give the same results, or even better as traditional car washes.


Reduce Water Waste.

With only limited to no amount of water used to wash you car as compared to traditional car wash, it would definitely help to reduce the use of water and prevent from water waste.

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Achieve amazing results

 Waterless car wash creates strong protection and shine that last long and  ensure your vehicle achieve a clean and amazing finish that is durable too.

Save the environment

Unlike traditional car washes, waterless car wash would give eco-friendly impact to the environment and prevents water pollution as well.


Buffing a Car

Waterless Car Wash

Car Waxing

Waterless Car Wash

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Save the environment

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