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Cleaning the Counter


Get the professionals to clean

What is mobile cleaning?

A mobile cleaning service is a revolutionary in the world of cleanliness and convenience. Gecko Dudes takes the hassle out of maintaining a pristine environment by offering doorstep cleaning services, fully equipped and ready to transform homes, commercial spaces, and corporate offices. With a focus on both residential and commercial clients, our team of experts brings the power of cleanliness directly to your doorstep, ensuring a fresh and immaculate atmosphere without the need for you to lift a finger. Whether it's a busy household, a bustling office, or a corporate setting, our commitment to excellence and convenience shines through, making every space touched gleam with cleanliness and comfort. It's a service that not only simplifies life but also ensures that a welcoming and spotless environment is just a doorstep away.


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Let Gecko Dudes take the hassle out of house cleaning! 

Book a cleaning in a few steps

Advanced booking up to 2 hours

Transparent pricing

With transparent pricing, you would be able to decide which service you would like

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Why Choose Gecko Dudes?

Trained Professionals

Highly skilled and experienced professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and expertise in their field.


Liability & Theft Insurance

Have a peace of mind when we're out doing the cleaning.

Excellent Customer Service

Prompt, friendly customer service that prioritizes your needs and satisfaction.



Being in the cleaning industry for more than 13 years, we have the knowledge in detailed cleaning.

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