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Do take note that it is your responsibility to read and understand the Terms and Conditions before proceeding. By accessing our website and engaging our service, you shall be deemed to have accepted our Terms and Conditions.

‘The Company’ / ‘Our’/ ‘We’ henceforth refers to Gecko Dudes Pte. Ltd.

‘Customers’ refers to individuals or residents subscribing to the company’s’ services.


1.1 Bookings are to be placed through our booking page. Payment is made using cash, NETS QR code and Paynow. Our company reserves the right to cancel or restrict bookings subject to availability

1.2 We will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to any personal property such as customer's belongings inside the vehicle. 

1.3  We will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse towards any of our staff under any circumstances and will take the relevant actions should any such unacceptable behaviors.


2.1 The customers have the responsibility to inform and let our team know of the existing condition of the vehicle ito ensure a smooth process of our services make it impossible to render our services effectively.

2.2 Customer's vehicle shall be parked in an appropriate manner, avoiding parking closely to walls and any other location which may be hazardous or cause danger to customer, vehicle and our detailers. This is important to allow our team to carry out our work effectively.

2.3 Customers shall empty their vehicle of bulky belongings prior to service.

2.4 Feedback complaints and compliments to our email.


3.1 All payment made are non-refundable

3.2 We accept payment via cash, NETS QR Code and Paynow, in Singapore Dollars

3.3 The company reserves the right to change/ amend the terms and conditions from time to time. By engaging us, you would have deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions

3.4 The customer shall pay the exact amount of the service and product changes 

3.5  Additional Charges for extra services and add-ons are clearly stated

3.6 All price quoted for services and packages are nett prices, inclusive of any other surcharge (if any). All services and pricings are clearly listed and stated in each service package, as seen on our website

3.7 Our company reserve the right to adjust the price quoted at the time of booking for services and packages and other related services without prior notice.

3.8 Receipts will be issued to acknowledge all forms of payment.


4.1 We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage caused through the engagement of our services (indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of business, loss of profits, interruption or the like)

4.2 If there is clear cause that our detailer did not fulfill the package as ordered or there is clear evidence of poor craftsmanship, we will at our cost, redo the uncompleted or unsatisfactory portion of the service.

4.3 Customers are to endorse and confirm their satisfaction with the treatments and services given.


5.1 We are not responsible for any incidental damage that may occur while your vehicle is in our possession, for example, pre‐existing conditions (scratches, dents, stains, etc.) damage to automated windshield wiper systems, wiper blades, rear window wipers, exterior moldings, exterior mirrors, etc.)


6.1 These terms and conditions shall not be amended or varied except by written agreement between the customer and our company.


6.2 Gecko Dudes reserves the right to offer a different location/date for the customers to be served. And in no way, we will be liable for any refunds in the event customers rejected the offer of relocation/change of date. While this arrangement will be avoided as much as we could; due to unforeseen operational issues; we reserve the right to arrange a different location/ change of date for the service to be carried out.


6.3 In case of dispute, Gecko our company reserve the rights to make any decision or arrangement, which shall be deemed as final.

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