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Ryde :

Carnauba Waterless Wax

Include basic services

Aloha Rinseless, Carnauba waterless wax is applied on your vehicle, giving it a shine which looks like it just left the showroom. The wax can also protect your paintwork from dirt and debris.


Speed: 1 Hours

Our Ryde package covers all parts of your motorbike. From the rider's seat to the rims, we are going to give it a good deep clean. Only require 1 hour.


Details : Full exterior

Includes full exterior hand wash & shampoo and minor details such as treating of all rubber components with trim protectant.


Extra clean : Contaminant removal

Clay is used to remove any impurities attached on the vehicle's body, which simple wash and wipe are ineffective.

The one and only motorbike grooming package that Gecko Dudes offer and also the only one package that you will need!

Our motorbike grooming package is simple yet comprehensive. Try it out now!

Ryde Package







201CC TO 400CC


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