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Want to drive a big shiny vehicle like the Optimus Prime truck from transformers?

Wait no more. Our comprehensive Optimus package ensures your vehicle to be clean and shiny after your grooming session with us. Big vehicles will never look so good before.


Optimus  Package







Optimus :

Carnauba Waterless Wax

Aloha Rinseless, Carnauba waterless wax is applied on your vehicle, giving it a shine which looks like it just left the showroom. The wax can also protect your paintwork from dirt and debris.

Include basic services


Speed: 1.5 to 2 Hours

Vans are larger in size as compared to vehicles types such as sedan. Hence the grooming requires 1.5 to 2 hours.

van (1).png

Details : Interior Clean of Cargo Area

Beside the basic services such as interior and exterior cleaning, we also do give the cargo area a good clean. The cargo area is used to carry goods and can be very dirty at times.


Extra clean : Contaminant Removal

Commercial vans and lorries are much more prone to impurities staining the vehicle body. Clay is used to remove any impurities attached on the vehicle's body, which simple wash and wipe are ineffective.

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