Epic Package

The Epic protection that your car receives on top of the services included in Quikshine. Our Epic grooming service gives your car the ultimate protection from scratches with Aqua sealant.
Aqua sealant is a type of aqueous silicone that provides long-lasting, high strength protection for your car and provide extra clarity on its glossy surface.




MPV/ SUV 5 Seater


Large MPV/ SUV 7 Seaters

Epic : Aqua Sealant

Include basic services

Aqua Seal Polymer Sealant is an effective sealant which offers long-lasting protection against the elements and leaves a striking, wet-look finish to your car.

Speed: 1.5 - 2 Hours

The epic package only requires a maximum of 2 hours for larger cars. Slightly longer than Quikshine as it involves more steps in applying Aqua Sealant protection.


Durability: 3-4 Months

Aqua sealant protection offers long-lasting and stronger protection for your car against any scratches and impurities.


Details: Interior dressing

Application of Leather Magic and Pearl Gloss Interior dressing. We leave no details untouched.

Our plug-ins

Pet Hairs Removal
Ozone Anti-Bacterial
Leather Cleaning & Conditioning
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Steam Cleaning
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Spark Nano Mist (Disinfection and Sanitization)
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Machine Polishing - 1 Stage
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Pain Splatter Removal
Ceramic coating for Rims
Ceramic coating for windscreen